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Welcome to my site! I use this site to host my projects, wikis and blogs. I am a programmer and GNU/Linux, Free and Malleable software enthusiast.

Holy sh*t, why do you have so eye-piercing colors on your site?

It isn’t eye-piercing. The background is white, which stands for peace, much needed in today’s world. The text color is black, which matters (please don’t kill me for this joke). If you need an inverted colored view of this page, get the Dark Reader addon for Chromium and Firefox. Or if you use a terminal based browser, just change the color of your terminal. Or if you use Tor Browser, in which it is not recommended to get addons, well then you’re out of luck. Use a terminal client.

How this site is maintained

I don’t know any HTML, CSS or JS. The syntax of HTML is absurd and I don’t feel like writing that manually.

If I said that this site is created by me, then it would be wrong. This site is actually made by a program called pandoc, which converts Markdown documents into HTML files for me and I just host it here. Of course, the Markdown documents are made by me, but I don’t actually code in HTML, so this is actually pandoc created site :P


Want to get back to my blog again. I feel like I have wasted two years over nothing.

22 December 2023

This site’s content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 (CC BY-SA 4.0) License.

Email: me o ees TOD lle iaa ea me eej TA 09 iaw raa ea hce eed uy o hce ees iv ea hce sse iaa raa

How to decode it: Put echo "me o ees TOD lle iaa ea me eej TA 09 iaw raa ea hce eed uy o hce ees iv ea hce sse iaa raa" | rev into a command-line (or reverse it manually), and then process each word as pronunciation of a letter, except ‘DOT’ and ‘AT’. Like this, ‘tee’ means the letter ‘t’ and ‘aaee’ means the letter ‘i’.


You won’t find me on F*cebook