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A personal microblogging page away from the big tech!

Why did you make this?

I got the idea while randomly reading HackerNews and coming across thoughts.page, which is a small platform for hosting your small thoughts which you would just like to share to the world. It doesn’t come with the junk of Twatter or Zuccbook and you just share your thoughts. That’s basically it! You may do it because maybe you have no one to talk to, to share your thoughts to, and you just share it to the world. There can be two cases, 1. you want other people to respond to your opinions/thoughts like a real conversation, and 2. you don’t want anyone to respond to you, as if you’re shouting from the top of a cliff. If you want 1, you should get some social media, preferably the non-cancer ones like Mastodon (follow me on my Mastodon btw). If you want 2, you should get something like this.

I had a website, so I don’t need to sign up for the service, but you can if you wish. I could also use Mastodon, but sometimes I also do prefer shouting from the top of a cliff. This web page consists of my latest thoughts, if I care to share it sometime.

The thoughts are sorted according to post date in descending order.


pikaur is a very nice AUR helper. A nice upgrade over yay or paru.


I installed Arch GNU/Linux (btw) 3-4 days ago. As I already had my /home partition separated from my previous system (which was KDE neon), it was mostly painless trying to get everything ready on my new system.