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New Design is here!

Written on 12/07/21

The first thing which you might have noticed after entering the site to check my blog posts is that the site is no longer a hard black-on-white, soul-less webpage with no styling. Now this webpage has some basic styling, like not taking your whole screen to display the text which can give a pain if you have a wide screen and try to move from one line to the other. The contrast is reduced, to prevent you from turning blind.

How did you go about with this? I thought you don’t know CSS?

Yes, I don’t know CSS and still don’t. I copied this CSS from killercup’s gist. Hope the creator of the theme doesn’t mind me using the theme. It was licensed under the CC0/MIT/Apache (the creator was apparently not sure), which gives me the permission to do whatever I want to with the code, so I copied it.

Future plans

I will be keeping this CSS until I find a better dark-themed CSS. I want a dark-themed CSS because some people really don’t like light-themes (almost to the level of being allergic to them), and getting a dark themed CSS would cater to them. Most people who prefer light mode can go along with dark-theme well, or maybe I am delusional because even though I prefer light-themes, I can pull along with dark themes as well.